Re: Dingy davits for Super maramu


<a href= target=new>
&sid=1600065792&mid=93</a><br><br><br>Hello. My wife and I live on our Maramu in the
Caribbean, for two years now. We initially bought a roll-up
dinghy from West Marine to cross the Atlantic, a Zodiac,
on the recommendation of Amel and of Joel Potter in
Ft.Lauderdale. We then bought an 8 h.p. motor, 4 cycle Honda in
LaRochelle. After one year of cruising, the system was
intolerable compared to what nearly all the other cruisers
had and enjoyed. 4 cycle engines cannot be repaired
in the Caribbean (see SSCA bulletins about bring
your engine back to the US for warranty work). We
still keep the engine, in the trunk on the boat, as a
back up. But we purchased a Caribe RIB dinghy, as the
majority of other Caribbean liveaboards have. The second
most popular is the AB brand, both made at sister
factories in Venezuela. Ours is 10.5 ft long, and fits
poorly on the deck, either bow or stern, so we usually
tow it between islands. Its currently stowed on the
bow while we visit the states for Christmas. We use
the extra halyard on the main mast to store the boat
when at anchor, for security purposes. The people who
are most happy with their dinghy seemed to us to have
a 15 h.p. Yamaha, 2 cycle, as it goes fast and is
easy to get repaired. So thats what we bought in
Grenada, and were very satisfied. The smaller dinghy (9.5
ft.) would store better on the deck, but you sacrifice
hauling room for people and groceries and safety with the
larger motor. The Yamaha will not fit upright in the
trunk. With all this, Ive been looking for appropriate
davits for two years, and havent seen any suitable. I
surely would like more information on the mentioned
passerelle modification. That might be the ultimate answer.
Bill on Lady Sadie SM#269

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