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Massicotte Jean-Pierre <jp_nikan@...>

Thank Tom, we will do that and figure out what is the real power of this windlass, we are finishing the refit of this Santorin here in Annapolis before going to the Pacific. We bought her in Spain last june and now renewing the headliner. Hope to see down here in the fall.


J-P Massicotte
S/V Vanille, Santorin #51
Le 2013-06-26 à 10:38, Fisher, Thomas W. a écrit :

Hi Jean-Pierre,

I believe if you remove the cover, the motor will have a plate or be stamped with info that will lead you to its specs. and from there to the correct brushes. Likely the only way to know for certain.

Tom Fisher
Sheila, Sharki #142
Kingston, Canada

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Thank Tom and Craig, the only problem i don't know if my unit is a 1000W or a 1200W.
Imtra list 2 differents parts numbers for the brushes.

Jean-Pierre Massicotte
Santorin Vanille #51

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Tom's right about the switch. It's readily available from chandlers - I spotted them just last week. Also, go to Lofrans website and they list the brushes under "spare parts".
Craig Briggs

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The switch installed on the motor cover is an Amel modification. You can still get the switches from Amel the last time I check. Others have posted alternatives that I certain work out fine. Try searching older posts and you should find several of ideas if I recall.

Tom Fisher
Sheila, Sharki #142
Kingston, Canada

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Subject: [Amel] Lofran Tigre 1992 windlass

I recently purchased Amel Santorin # 51 1992, the windlass i believe is an older version of the Tigre with the control switches mounted on the cover. I would like to get the parts number for those control switches and the brushes for the motor. Anyone has this in their files?

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