Genoa Car Removal

Ian Shepherd

Has anyone removed their genoa car from its track on a Super Maramu? It will not slide past the aft chain-plate. Maybe removing the forward block and the nearby stanchion might work, but I would rather hear from someone who has successfully got the traveller off this way first. I wish to avoid remove the track if at all possible.

Yesterday whilst sheeting in the genoa, there was a bang followed by the car roller shooting through the air closely followed by the ball bearings, never to be seen again of course. It would seem the nut holding the roller axle had come undone. It would be a good idea to Locktite these nuts in future as there is very little thread left when the nut is tight so it soon comes off once it works loose.

I have yet to discover whether spare parts are easily available. I would imagine I am in for a complete new unit, at least in the short term.

Ian Shepherd SM2000 414 Crusader Leros Dodecanese Greece

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