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Ian Shepherd


with respect, I think you are being somewhat paranoid. I have cruised
Turkey on and off since the 80's. In my opinion the Turks I have met are
lovely helpful people. As has been said elsewhere, tourism is important
to them and they are not going to throw that away. In days gone by, the
Turks were indeed fearful warriors. But so were the Greeks. Ask the
Turks. Do I feel unsafe in the Aegean? Of course not. Ask the Red
Indians about the white Americans, ask the the victims of English,
Dutch, Spanish and French colonisation, and you will have to accept that
most of us have a track record of being violent. I think the Armenian's
were slaughtered during the First World War, around 1915. Hardly
relevant to today's situation.

As for Embassy advice, it is quite predictably 'Avoid protest and
demonstrations as they might become violent'. A precaution any sensible
tourist will take anyway.

Time to draw a line under this discussion, though of course we would
love to hear from those who have recently visited Turkey and can provide
us with a truthful reassurance rather than somewhat hysterical
conjecture. If I did not have a dog on board with an EU only passport, I
would be there now.

Ian Shepherd SM2000 414 Crusader - in the Kebab latitudes.

On 27/06/2013 13:23, Yahoo! Mail wrote:

The Turks can be violent, ask the Armenians. There are places in every
country including the good old USA that look good but are in fact not
safe. It requires more then a simple, it is safe others just
sensationalize it, as a problem. Maybe call your embassy before you
travel to any area. The Turkish culture is more European but still
people of opportunity can ruin your day or life. Don't just take
anyone's advice without personnel research. People are bias because
the have had no trouble. As far as asking someone that loves their
country their are truly bias. Travels in any country are targets.


Hi Ian
Where on Leros are you? We are in Xerokambos.

Possible to have an Amel union?

/Ann-Sofie & Jonas
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26 jun 2013 kl. 15:52 skrev "Ian Shepherd"

I agree with Bill & Mike on this one. Don't be fooled by what you hear
or read in the media. They are a bunch of sensationalists working to
the most attention by hyping up the reality. I met several Turkish
tourists whilst in Simi and their view was that the situation was more
of an amusement than a threat. One couple even said that it was good to
see the Turkish people expressing their feelings for once.

Whilst I have technically not been in Turkey this summer as I have a
on board with an EU only passport, I did overnight in Kekova Roads for
shelter, where everything looked absolutely normal. I don't think that
anyone has anything to worry about near the coast. Maybe a night stroll
through Taksim Square in Istanbul might be unwise, but so was a night
stroll in Barbados in 1970 when I was mugged at knife point!

I remember many years ago when Northern Ireland was all bullets and
bombs (according to the press). I had to go to Belfast to deliver a
yacht to Scotland. With some trepidation I asked my taxi driver to stay
well clear of the troubles. He laughed and said that you would have to
be in about a one square mile area near the Falls Road to have any
likelihood of seeing any action. He was right of course.

I will email an Australian friend who lives right in Taksim Square and
ask her opinion. If it's of value I will post it.

Enjoy Turkey

Ian Shepherd (& baby Siberian Husky Kelly) SM 414 Crusader - Leros

On 24/06/2013 16:16, Mike Johnson wrote:

Hi John & Bill,

Let's not get carried away. It's safer visiting Turkey than a lot of
cities around the world - but we still go to them!

For good advice visit the UK FCO website. The link for Turkey is:




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Just because cities in the U.S. are dangerous, like Chicago and
Detroit does not mean areas in Turkey are worth risking your life to
visit. I heard the same argument about Egypt and now you are never
sure what to expect. Muslim extremists are every where and if you
don't really know the area then you are putting yourself in danger,
much like visiting Detroit. Great culture but now maybe not the time
to visit for the novice.



We have been in the US since Dec because of my cancer surgery in Feb.
We return to Gocek on 1 July.

We do not consider things dangerous in Turkey. Remember, the protests
are against the government's conservative swing to add more religion
to government. Ataturk led the revolution which created a secular
state. Most Turks want what Ataturk fought for. These protests are
unlike protests against too much government in the US. Look at the
crime and murder rate in Turkey as compared to the US or UK before
making a decision. You will be surprised at how much safer Turkey is.
Also remember that it is very unlikely that you will be wihin 1000
miles of any protest while cruising Turkey.

Hope this helps.

BeBe, Sm2k, #387
Gocek, Turkey

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Hello Bill and Judy,
I have some friends who were going to spend a few days holiday in
Turkey with their children.I have just received a couple of messages
forwarded from Turks warning about the troubles from which it would
appear that things could get worse not better on the basis that many
are unhappy about the trend away from the secular state to an
Islamic one.
Do you have any views for those who were intending to sail to
this season?

Best wishes, Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM319, Malta
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