Re: [Amel] Yanmar ground solenoid

Mike Johnson

Dear Giovanni,
We had similar situations with solenoid.  Our cure is to regularly exercise the solenoid by depressing the 'black rubber' seal.
Kind regards
SM2K 461

From: Giovanni Testa <>
Sent: Tuesday, 2 July 2013, 5:25
Subject: [Amel] Yanmar ground solenoid


Hi to all,
at sunset , sailing Water Bligh, Fiji, I had to start my Yanmar to go to anchorage. Nothing…no engine. At the moment I remembered a similar situation when we were sailing Eolie, Italy. It was the ground solenoid fault. A W40 spray under the black rubber cover button solved the problem. And it was also in this very adrenalitic situation.
Now for me it is enough ! I want to eliminate/ bypass the ground solenoid.
Any suggestions ?
If I directly connect the 2 black cables, what about the others little cables arriving to solenoid ?
May I have problem to switch off the engine ?
Thanks so much in advance
Giovanni TESTA
Sv EUTIKIA, SM2K n 428

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