Re: watermaker spring commissioning

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I would suggest buying a water filter housing from Sears or a similar
source, inserting an activated charcoal filter, and using that
whenever you fill your water tank from shore sources. Put it in line
in your water hose. Then your water tank won't have any chlorine in
it. The advantage is that whenever you flush your watermaker it will
be with non-chlorinated water, and the membranes will last longer.
Also, your water will taste better. The downside is that things are
more likely to grow in your tank, so clean it out at least every six
months with a good dose of chlorine, then dump the water. DON'T use
it to flush your watermaker, it will kill the membranes.
The alternative is to find a way to fit a charcoal filter in line in
the flush water for the watermaker. I haven't figured out how to do
that. I wish AMEL did that in their installation...

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I pickled my watermaker and added food-grade anti-freeze for the
winter. If my town's water may be chlorinated, how should I flush
watermaker in the spring without harming the membrane? Does letting
town water sit in the tank for a few day dissipate any chlorine? I
see that Spectra and some other watermaker companies ship their
with a activated carbon filter in the flush cycle to remove

Mark Pitt
ASM #419 "Sabbatical III"

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