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We have had some success with an Aussie product called GOOP. It is
anhydrous lanolin, and depending on where the boat sits will keep
the buildup of algae & barnacles under control between dives. We
are able to dive on the prop quite regularly when in the tropics--we
have a 50 foot hose connected directly to our dive tank so it is not
so paraphanalia intensive. When we move back to New England we do
have to clean the prop once in the 4-5 months we are in the colder
waters. We do not spend much time in marinas, but did find out
early on that marinas cause lots of build up. The auto prop must be
very clean or else RPM decreases to an alarming state. We have
never painted the prop because we were advised against this. We
would be interested to know if there is a safe paint for an auto
prop since the Auto prop representative said "no". We found the
GOOP product through AB Marine. Email address
On a similiar note, we also were advised by auto prop to replace the
red plastic shipping nut with the appropriate zinc. We have "eaten"
lots of prop zincs, but the rudder zincs last longer. The rudder
zinc is quite a distance from the prop, so we feel that we have
better protection. Perhaps Amel has changed this on later SMs.
Pete and Mary on Noelia

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I am new owner of a used sm (227). I did not use it much until
The boat is well maintained and in very good condition, we like it
very much. Nevertheless, there seems to be a problem with algae
development on the propeller when the boat lays for a few weeks in
the marina. Actualy the boat is in SanRemo in the Med. After a few
weeks not beeing used, the engines gets up to 1700t/m instead of
or more. The previous owner had evertime asked a diver to clean
propeller before navigating.
Has anybody experience in solving this problem. Or is the only way
diving and cleaning?

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