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Graham Boyd

I have now had 3 new bars constructed for my SM. The last 2 done in the last couple of days. The problem for us has been going "off the original Amel design". We had a special bracket made for the mast head so that we could run a halyard for a cruising chute in a sock. This has been a huge success given wind conditions and small distances here in Hong Kong and the fact we regularly race the boat in local events. We even won our class in the round HK island race last year ( the biggest yacht race in Asia) and have won several other events, but as we all know that is not what these boats were originally designed for! Our problem has been insufficient supervision (by me) of over enthusiastic crew causing the newly rigged cruising chute halyard to get entangled with the bars. I plan a visit to the mast head at the weekend to see if a retainer could be fitted as breaking these bars is becoming somewhat tedious.

Sula had an excellent trip to the Philippines over the winter doing what she really is designed for, extended cruising short handed, and needless to say she performed immaculately.

Graham Boyd
SM 140

ps I would love to hear from any other SM's taking part in local races in other parts of the world. These boats are very hard to handicap, as is any world cruiser.

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The answer is that I should have made a new one as original and not had a ss screw welded on the old one. Doing that now

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On Jul 4, 2013, at 10:28 AM, "Kent Robertson" <karkauai@...> wrote:

I wonder why so many problems? Sounds like something's not right with the way it's set up???

Has anyone else had these issues? Joel, any ideas? I've not heard of anyone having this problem.
SM243 Kristy
Brunswick GA USA

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On Jul 4, 2013, at 10:03 AM, Ric Gottschalk <ric@...> wrote:

Had one bar where threaded end broke. Was fixed several times by welding (even before noon when they begin island drinking). Last time it broke, the double nuts chewed up 3" of
upper foil.
I like to think my overloaded Winnebago will go faster when healing less. Still agree with bars and limited distance for retainer. I will look into carbon fiber.
Now in Annapolis. July 20 going to Huntington yacht club, mystic, newport, Marthas, Nantucket and return in Aug.

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Hi Ric,
Long time no see. Hope you are well.
What kind of breakage issue did you have?

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I have not been to the top of a Santorin, but if it is rigged anything like a Super Maramu, I do not think you have room for a halyard retainer. The swivel bars do a great job. They are simple and do not add a potential jamming block like the halyard retainer. In the entire scheme of things, the weight should not be significant unless you plan on racing that Santorin ;>)

Hope this helps you make your decision.

BeBe, SM2k, #387
Gocek, Turkey

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I have a 1990 Santorin sloop with 2 stainless steel bars on the jib swivel/halyard. Can replace this with a halyard retainer? The weight is significant and i have had breakage issues.

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