Re: yanmar exhaust (mixing) elbow.

Mark Erdos

I had to repair on the Yanmar 4JH4HTE due to a small pin hole on the weld. I noticed it when I rebuilt the turbocharger. I have <900 hrs on the engine. I repaired the unit with JB Weld HighHeat expoxy putty after wiping down with acetone. I put a ring of putty around the entire joint. I cleaned out the carbon build up with a dremmel (very messy).

I purchased two new ones from Mastry for about $500 ea. I will keep as spares in inventory.

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We are now on our third mixing elbow.
they seem to develop pinholes particularly near the mounting flange. last time we just welded over it now it needs to be replaced. has anyone else had this problem?
we have about 4500 hours on our engine.
Fair winds
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