Re: Dingy davits for Super maramu


Atkins & Hoyle makes the best davits I have ever
seen, by far. Their email address in Toronto, Canada is Telephone is (416) 596-1888 or tollfree
1-800-263-4184. Their website address is<br><br>I removed the davits from my Maramu because they
were too weak for sea. They were only useful to raise
the dinghy at night to keep it from being stolen.
Although I do not have davits now, my brother has Atkins &
Hoyle davits on a 65' ketch and I have seen and used
them. They are beautifully constructed, with versatile
adjustments, and VERY STRONG.<br><br>I hope this information
will be useful to my Amel friends in our club, and I
thank those who have been helping me with
information.<br><br>David Lambertsen<br>s/v Have Fun!<br>Amel Maramu #258

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