Giovanni TESTA

Hi to all,
Thanks K Mike and Danny for your suggestions about.
Normally it works ( W40 ) but my decision is to avoid any dangerous situation :
When you need the engine it must start, always. Two failure starts for me are enough.
The last with a new solenoid ( less than 1 year ).
So the question is how to by bass the solenoid without have collateral problems with the start and stop procedures.
My intention is to connect directly the right segment ( stern) black cable to the left stud with the other part of ground cable. The others cables remaining where they are.
I'll reset the original connections if the boat will be alone for a long term .
Same problem with Onan solenoid…I have replace it with a new one after many problem with the old one ( I opened and refitted it). But, normally, you have all the time you need to adjust the situation.
Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Buon Vento
Giovanni & Marina

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