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Alan Leslie

Hi Danny,

I understand what you are saying here, but I would NEVER use WD40 on anything that I wanted not to corrode. WD40 might be fine at dispersing the water initially , but its chemical makeup makes it hydrophilic (ie it attracts water), better in my humble opinion to use a product that it is intrinsically hydrophobic (ie repels water) like INOX...I don't carry WD 40.
If you want to test the theory, get an old rusty tool, wire brush all the rust off it, spray it with WD40 and in 6 months I guarantee it will be rusty the same with INOX and it will be a looooong time before you see any signs of rust again.

Cheers from Port Vila
Hi to Yvonne

All the best
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Hi All,
these sort of problems arise from corrosion in our salt laden atmosphere, any electrical connection is vulnerable. The answer is to liberally and regularly spray all connections, alternators and electric engines in the engine room with WD40 or in NZ CRC 5.56. (It feels strange to spray a liquid into an electric motor but it works) Avoid rubber componants as much as possible (not vital) DO NOT use lubricant enhanced products, as these may be electrically conductive with resultant issues. They may be longer lasting in stopping rust but that is not our issue here 
WD 40 (WD = water dispersant) It gets in below and replaces it.
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Hi to all,
at sunset , sailing Water Bligh, Fiji, I had to start my Yanmar to go to anchorage. Nothing…no engine. At the moment I remembered a similar situation when we were sailing Eolie, Italy. It was the ground solenoid fault. A W40 spray under the black rubber cover button solved the problem. And it was also in this very adrenalitic situation.
Now for me it is enough ! I want to eliminate/ bypass the ground solenoid.
Any suggestions ?
If I directly connect the 2 black cables, what about the others little cables arriving to solenoid ?
May I have problem to switch off the engine ?
Thanks so much in advance
Giovanni TESTA
Sv EUTIKIA, SM2K n 428

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