Water tank cleaning

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Eric's posting on cleaning water tanks and hoses is excellent and
thorough. We also use our charcoal filter every time we fill the
water tank, ensuring that there is no chlorine in the tank,
and "shock treat" it twice a year with a good dose of bleach.
The other thing you can do, especially if you are a bit obsessive
about clean water tanks, is to remove the access plates to the water
tank, located on the cabin sole, and clean the tank out by hand. On
the Maramu, this was very easy, as the access plates were all easy to
get to. On the SM, only one is easily accessible, the one under the
galley floor. The other ones require some disassembly. One is under
the seat fridge/freezer (aft seat of dinette), the other one under
the galley (under the sink in my boat, probably under the fridge on
the SM 2000!!). Look on the boat plans to see where they are. They
are easy to remove (once you find them) and they give access to the
entire water tank. We open them up every couple of years and give
the tank a thorough scrubbing. For those unwilling to remove
furniture, at least open the one under the galley floor, to see what
your tank looks like. I'm sure a good chlorine dose will do a fine
job on all that grows down there.

Happy drinking!

Roy Benveniste
SM Excalibur #195

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