Painting Props--is ignorance bliss?

ianjenkins1946 <>

Is there a reason why props should not be painted? I first painted a prop when I bought a Maramu ,( fixed blades)in Majorca ten years ago where, left unpainted, a prop was quickly covered in concrete like secretions. As far as I could tell every boat there painted their prop. I used the same paint as I put on the bottom, Internationals top cruising mixture. Did so for 6 years. No problems.
On our SM I have followed suit.Used Jotun ( unimpresed by its antifouling proerties but it stayed on the prop OK). Then used some Hempel picked up in Panama ( the last ,alas,of that wonderful old stuff where all marine life within 20 meters quietly expires) and now on to Internationals top racing mixture ( Micron Optima?) bought in Chile at a price that will bring tears to your eyes...about US$50 per gallon. Thank God for the Chilean Armada ( navy) which insists that the International office in Valparaiso stocks a few tins for its two ancient racing boats because otherwise there is no market here for such gofaster stuff.
I have always applied a couple of coats of theses various antifoulings to my props, both fixed and Autoprop.I have made sure that the surface was reasonably clean before painting but not shiny clean. The paints have all stuck OK and done their jobs in water temperatures varying from Tropical to glacial. Since the boat was launched in June 2000 we have done about 20,000 miles with about 1400 hours motoring.
Am I missing something? Is there a reason either not to paint or alternatively to use only some hifalutin and hipriced special prop paint?
Heres hoping there isnt! Happy New Year! Ian and Judy Jenkins, SM 302, Pen Azen, Puerto Montt, Chile

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