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I have a Perkins M60 - same as a Volvo MD22 so in the same family as yours. I'm not sure the wiring is identical but I think it works on the same system of an isolated engine. I wonder have you got current at the solenoid or just know that it has voltage getting to it when you press the stop switch? Have you double checked the wiring including the earth relay in the stop solenoid curcuit for loose or corroded connections? Have you tested the solenoid directly bypassing the engine earth? Excuse me if you have already done all this but if you have, say, a loose or corroded wire on the earth relay you will have voltage at the solenoid but it not work because of an incomplete curcuit.

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There has been much chat about solenoid s on the yanmar, but here is one on the Volvo. My engine won't stop electrically. I have verified current is getting to the solenoid on the HP fuel pump. Has any one any tips on removing this solenoid from the pump, and is it likely I could fix the stuck solenoid or am I up for a new unit?

Incidentally I use VOLSPEC in the UK for all Volvo parts. They dispatch immediately and are significantly cheaper than anyone else. For you guys in the USA as for me here in HK the current exchange rate is also rather attractive!

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