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This is a very good pump and easily rebuilt. Hopefully the leaking seal has not ruined the bearings. Take a look at the photos here:

The process is very straightforward. If you heard squealing noises when this happened, the bearings are bad. Water leaking from the seal will quickly ruin the bearings. In that case try this:
Remove the shaft and armature with the bearings still on the shaft. Take your shaft to anywhere that sells bearings and they will sell you new bearings. Go to any shop that has a hydraulic press to press-off the old and press-on the new bearings (possibly the shop that you purchase the bearings). In Penang, Malaysia I went to a Chinese bearing shop and bought bearings for about $3.00, then went to a motorbike shop and had them pressed on for about $2.00.

If you have the same size fresh water pump as BeBe, #387, this ceramic mechanical seal that you have will fit it also. If I were you, I would keep 1 or 2 of these mechanical seals as spares.

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Anne and John,

You will find the pump is very basic. I just rebuilt mine. It was pretty
easy to do. I replaced the impeller, the two set of bearings and the
bushing. I also added a capacitor into inventory. That's pretty much the
whole pump. Runs like a charm.

BeBe has some pics here:

Best regards,


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