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I had very severe problems of hard, barnacle type fouling on the
prop of my SM330, berthed in Antibes (quite near to Paul - tonic
In summer, max revs would drop to 1750 after about a month if the
boat was not used. It was necessary to employ a diver to clean the
prop at considerable expense. I tried various antifoulings,
including woolfat (lanolin) without success.
This year I was told by another (non Amel) owner that there were
very good reports of a new product called Prop Speed from New
Zealand. I obtained it from a chandler in Antibes and it was
applied in early May. The result was excellent. Max revs. were
attainable throughout the summer. I checked this by swimming
underneath and the prop remained totally clean and slightly slippery
to the touch.
In late Aug I sailed to Dubrovnik where the boat has remained since
and so I cannot update further till next spring.
Prop Speed is a two pack, silicon based product sold in a pack which
is sufficient for 2/3 applications. I cannot locate a source for it
on the web although it is mentioned by Australian yards who use it.
It is very expensive - I was charged 175euros (ripped off?) but the
results were so good I shall continue to use it. A diver every
month was about 80 euros a time.
I should add that at the time of application my Autoprop was removed
due to a recall by the manufacturer, Bruntons, and so my experience
relates to the use of the alternative, fixed blade prop supplied by
Amel but I don't think this would alter the results.
I'd be interested to hear of any other experiences of this product -
if anyone can find it!


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