New Hydranet sails for BeBe - report

Judy and Bill aboard SV BeBe <yahoogroups@...>

Earlier I reported that we had ordered new Hydranet sails from a Turkish sail manufacturer/loft.

The bottom line is that while testing our new sails yesterday, it appears we have found at least 1 knot!

We are very happy with the Hydranet TriRadial construction. In fact, if a sail can be described as pretty, these 3 new sails are down right beautiful. Every panel is perfectly lasercut in Germany by Hayranet's manufacturer, Dimension-Polyant. Each stitch is accurately and carefully laid and all of the thread is Heminway Bartlett UV resistant thread. Leather reinforcement is used at clews. Leech and foot lines of Kevlar and a foam luft pad in Genoa.

In an earlier posting (message number 13568) I posted the contact information of QSails.

QSails exports all over the world Turkey VAT free. They have all of the correct measurements for BeBe (#387), an Amel Super Maramu. If you are considering TriRadial Hydranet, or TryRadial Dacron, I must give QSails my highest recommendation. Contact at

Hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.

BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently Fethiye, Turkey

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