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Hi John,
We just completed the rebuild on our Calpeda pump. There was no leak but an impressvie extent of electrolysis and loss of about 1/2 the impeller despite what appeared to be a good ground.
There's an O ring ithat seals and seats the ceramic bushing in the pump housing. The instructions say to be sure the shaft is absolutely clean and smooth and to rotate the shaft several times by hand to seat it in the bushing before running it electrically. There's a spring loaded white seal that then fits on the shaft and rides on the black. The black bushing and the white ring provide the pressure and rotating surface that prevents leaking.. It's a bit of a challenge to get the Woodruff key back in with the spring, but you'll see how it all fits together with the double-nut holding the impeller.
The impellers are different for 50 or 60 Hz pumps. Be sure they give you the correct one.. Replace the large O ring for the bronze pump halves. With the new seals, there's plenty of water flowing, the pump is quiet and cool, and no leaks.
My system included a back-flow preventer valve. I don't know if that's universal or something added to our system.
We were able to source the capacitors in Langkawi for about $4.. The one I got in the US from Calpeda was $40...
SY Revelation SM390
Rebak Marina

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I have just found that the slinger on the shaft of this pump is spraying sea water. In my spares I have a ceramic seal and another seal without any instructions in a bag labelled Calpreda. I intend to open the pump up tomorrow but wonder whether anyone has any useful advice because if there is likely to be something sinister I will just not use the aircon until we get somewhere where there is an agent.Annoying as we were about to sail away for the summer.
Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM 319

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