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Donato Valente

Many thanks Bill, and thanks also to Richard Piller.
I'm afraid you both are right.
Will call Amel and ask for replacement.

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This is probably not much help, but you said, "any help."

It sounds to me as though your mechanic does not know what he is doing. I would suggest contacting Amel SAV by phone describing your situation and ask them for a referral to a mechanic in the Tuscany Italy area. If you were in Turkey, I know who could solve your problem.

Other than the above, because there are so many unknown variables, it may be difficult for you to get satisfactory help via the Amel's Owner Group.

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Bow thruster

Just dismantled. Found the gears broken and rusted. The former owner didn't mention about some water spilled inside.
The mech in Italy set up the new kit arrived from Amel and apparently it worked while the boat was dry on the lift.
When in the water the propeller seems to hardly rotate and....they said they forgot to put the oil inside.
So now, in my opinion the looseness has increased and the damage worsened.
They say it will be very difficult to set up the original tolerance and remake the bearing housing.

Any suggestions ?

Many thanks
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