Jabsco Quite Flush Toilet Motor Failure Mode

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I thought I would give a heads-up to those who have the Jabsco
Series 37245 Quite Flush Toilets on their boats. The service
information provided by Jabsco (in you Amel book with all the other
equipment manuals) says, "The toilet has no wearing parts that need
periodic replacement other than the shaft seal, which under normal
conditions, should provide several years of service before needing
replacement." The part about the shaft seal should have been in
bold print.

I had neglected to replace this seal on my toilet pump and at the
three-year mark one of my toilet pumps ceased to work. Disassembly
showed that the seal had failed, salt water had leaked around the
seal and past the slinger washer and entered the bearings of the

The motor used to come in 2 versions:
PN 37072-0024 (24 volt and US $119.88 from West Marine Special
Orders Desk)


PN 37073-0094 (24 volt EMC, ?? electromagnetic European
certification, for US $174.99 from West Marine Special Orders Desk)

Jabsco has discontinued the -0024 version and only the more
expensive -0094 motor is available.

The 90197-0000 Service Kit contains the Joker Valve, some screws and
washers, the offending PN 1040-0000 seal that needs to be replaced,
and a new O-ring.

The seal was about US $4.85 and I plan on replacing it yearly from
now on as part of my on-going preventative maintenance.

Regards, Gary Silver SM #335

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