Re: [Amel] anodes at the rudder

The life time depends one the situation of the boat in the harbor,
if you are near metallic boats with high leakage current it can fall to
6 month other wises 1 to 3 years on CottonBay ...
I check the anode every 6 months and change by annual care if more than
the half is loss.

Jean Luc on CottonBay SM 316

Le 25/07/2013 19:43, Mark Erdos a écrit :


This is quite easy to do. It can be done while in the water. I highly
suggest tying a piece of fishing line onto the bolt holding the anodes
it is loosened to prevent from dropping it.

Does any know the average life expectancy of the anodes on the rudder? I
also have to change mine about once a year (if not before).


SM2K #275

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Sent: Thursday, July 25, 2013 12:16 PM
Subject: [Amel] anodes at the rudder

Dear Amelgroup,
our anodes at the rudder dissolve pretty fast (6 month). We´ll have to
why, but our actual question is: does anybody know if we can change the
anodes while beeing in the water, or is there a pfoblem with water coming
into the rudder or the like.

Thank you for any information

Hans Joachim, SM436

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