Re: [Amel] Fresh Water Pump

Richard Piller <richard03801@...>

Hi we simply changed to a 24 v on demand pump at 40psi from Shorflow problem solved. Got rid of the pesky tank too.
Capt Richard Piller

On Jul 30, 2013, at 2:33, Ian Shepherd <sv_freespirit@...> wrote:

I have an A.M.F.A A88 fresh water pump with the bronze impeller. The
pump struggles to reach cut off pressure after an overnight discharge of
the batteries down to around 24.0 V. The Square D pressure switch was
replaced about a year ago and adjustment cannot cure the problem. A
couple of times now I have forgotten to trip the pump CB last thing at
night leading to a massive discharge of the batteries after the pump
failed to reach cut off pressure.

Looking at the impeller there does not seem much that can wear, but
maybe changing it will result in more pressure? Has anyone replaced this
impeller with a noticeable improvement please?

Ian Shepherd SM2000 #414 Crusader Built Jul 2003 Thassos Greece

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