rear holding tank clogged

Giovanni TESTA

Hi to all and tank so much to all,
Problem solved !
- it was possible, as suggested, to insert up-down a long stick through the deck hole into the full tank. I used the spear gun rod, I'm a very bad underwater fisherman… so I found a new use for it . I felt with the tip that the white tube was free ( the skin inside was smooth) up to the valve. So the block had to be through the valve or between this and the sea exit.
- from the top side I used a "L " hard wire to check and to have the connection free up to the valve from outside hole.
- little by little something came out and than the block dissolved !
- than I poured 3 lt vinegar to fill the column, with valve closed, to better have it cleaned.
Thanks again and Buon Vento !
Giovanni & Marina TESTA
Port Vila

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