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What kind of smell is it, Martin?  There should be no leakage of sea water with the gas system or air flow.  If there was a connection between the gas and sea water, the gas would escape and there would be no cooling.  If sea water is leaking out at the AC unit, it should be obvious.  More likely the condensate drainage is not draining into the bilge and remains in the tray below the AC unit.  That could cause mold issues.
Let us know what you find.
SM 243 Kristy
Brunswick GA USA

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Subject: [Amel] Bad odours coming from the A/C

Hi everybody,

Whenever we leave our boat for a couple of days, the A/C creates nasty odours. I assume, that this is because the cooling water hoses are not gas tight.

The A/C smell in the owners cabin is the worst.

Does anybody have experience in resolving this issue?

Your support is highly appreciated.

Amel 54 "Chiara"

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