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Hi Kent It appears you are right on. Chlorine is not a good thing to leave in the bilge/engine room. To many metals that the gases will attack. Best to flush before leaving or put simple green in the bilge or white vinegar. We leave a bowl of white vinegar in the heads then flush it away. The other thing to keep in mind if it is hot enough for AC and there is sea water in the head well it'll grow/stink

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Hi, Mike,
I just read about Javel Tabs after seeing your post. I think I'd be careful about leaving that in your bilge for very long. Although it is hypochlorous acid (HOCl), it will react with water to form HCl and bleach. That could be harmful to the copper grounding strap in the bilge sump, and to the bilge pump. I do put a little bleach in the sump when it starts to smell bad, but flush it out after an hour or so. The real key to keeping the sump from smelling is to keep foodstuffs out of the drainage from the galley sink. Since I've been scraping and wiping all plates and pots and pans before washing the dishes, the odor in the bilge has become significantly less and is probably related to skin cells from the shower and sink.

Please someone tell me I'm wrong...I'd love to find something I can leave in the bilge sump that will eliminate the odors altogether.

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Hi Martin,

Concur with Bill's comments but would also start my investigation in the bilge sump. When leaving the boat for even a couple of days we take the precaution of flushing the systems through with fresh water and cleaning the bilge with fresh water leaving it half full with one Javel tablet dissolving.

Best wishes

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Martin,You probably need to add detail...for instance is the odor coming from the air coming out of the blower vent when you turn the A/C on, or from the area where the A/C is located? Have you checked the evaporator coil and surrounding area for mold/mildew? Are the condensation lines plumbed from the A/C pan drain to the bilge sump? Are they clear? Is it possible the odor is reversing from the bilge sump to the A/C drain pan through the drain hose.BillBeBe, SM2k, #387--- In, "luvkante" <luvkante@...> wrote:>> Hi everybody,> > Whenever we leave our boat for a couple of days, the A/C creates nasty odours. I assume, that this is because the cooling water hoses are not gas tight.> > The A/C smell in the owners cabin is the worst.> > Does anybody have experience in resolving this issue?> > Your support is highly appreciated.> > Martin> Amel 54 "Chiara"> #149>

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