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Jean-Pierre massicotte <jp_nikan@...>

While i was in Martinique this winter at the Amel Service center, a Amel 54 was having all the air conditioning ducts replace due to a bad batch from the manufacturer. Excuse my poor English!


J-Pierre Massicotte
Santorin #51, Vanille

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Hi Ian,

I definitely do not get any odour form the bilge sump.So this can not be the reason.

Furthermore the 54 flushes the toilets generally with sweetwater.
So no possible reason as well.

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Hi Martin,

well I can honestly say that after almost 50,000 nms of sailing the SM,
I really have not experienced other than the occasional bad odour from
the grey water engine compartment bilge, not that it seems to be coming
from that area, though I don't know where the A/C intakes are located on
a 54? Well certainly no odours on a regular basis. I don't put
anything in the bilge when I leave the boat, relying on the washing up
detergent to keep this area clean, which it generally does. I live at
33N so it is hot most of the time too.

When I bought my first boat, Amel said it was a good idea to pump the
bilge dry once a week using the manual pump. Do you do this? Maybe the
54 is different? The manual pump intake is closer to the bilge floor and
so it removes most of the dirt and food particles that can gather there.

Odour from the sea water toilets when left? - yes definitely, which is
why I converted mine to freshwater. End of problem - and hopefully pipe
furring too ......


Ian Shepherd SM 414 Crusader (2003) Limnos Island Greece

On 07/08/2013 05:22, luvkante wrote:

Hi everybody,

Whenever we leave our boat for a couple of days, the A/C creates nasty
odours. I assume, that this is because the cooling water hoses are not
gas tight.

The A/C smell in the owners cabin is the worst.

Does anybody have experience in resolving this issue?

Your support is highly appreciated.

Amel 54 "Chiara"

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