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Duncan Hagemeyer

Just spoke with Richard, at length and he confirms your remarks. Thanks for
the help.

Possibly you have heard, but he recommends that I remove all hose clamps on
the Amel 54 as they have a mild steel screw that has rusted and the clamps
have come loose. Major damage has occurred. He suggest buying some boxes
of Ideal clamps in the ¾” to 2 1/2” sizes and replacing all them on the


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Sorry for the bad grammar, there should have been a comma after ampage. What
i meant was by the time you would wire the 6 volt batteries to give you 24
volts, you would neither have the physical room to accommodate the number of
6 volt batteries required and still not have enough ampage stored in those
batteries to allow you to discharge them to fifty or sixty per cent daily
without constant recharging.
If you call Richard, he has forgotten more on this than i will ever know. I
mentioned Nigel Calders's book to you in Trinidad,get a copy, it will answer
many of your questions.
Best regards,
hope you are still enjoying "Big sky country"
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Hi Trevor,

Hopefully NOT.I try to leave when it's -30! I can talk with you about a
mule, but 'ampage stick", not sure what that is.but it sounds like a

Fair winds.


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Hi Duncan,
Glad to see you getting good use from your boat, I have been following
of your postings from time to time.
I dread to think where you might sail in -30F !. Seriously, 6 volt
in a 54 are a no brainer you will never get the ampage stick with 12 volt
wet cell deep cycle that you can find easily enough in the Caribbean.
If you are talking to Tom please pass on our regards.
Fair winds,
SM 425

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Battery size for the later boats is size 31.

Richard Piller

Cell 603 767 5330

On Aug 7, 2013, at 13:36, "wdhagemeyer" <wdhagemeyer@> wrote:

I would like any input on a new battery plan for the A54 I have just
started a solar program for a cabin and I have been advised that 6 volt
ah Trojans are the way to go for this off grid mountain cabin. The vendor
telling me these are low maintenance and will withstand even -30F temps.
would seem that this might be a good choice for the boat as well? I do not
recall the size of the 12V batteries. I searched for a file or link to
posts that would also cover all aspects of the boats electrical system. I
would appreciate any suggestions.

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