Re: Onan generator raw water pump impeller removal

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

I had similar problems removing my impellers. After skinning my
knuckles and destroying a serviceable impeller I did what I always do
in such situations, I fabricated a tool. I purchased a
small "ViceGrip" brand set of locking pliers, and then I welded two
pieces of 1.5 inch long stainless steel at right angles to the tip of
the pliers. I filed serrations into the "grabbers". It is hard to
describe but I will post a picture here tomorrow. You simply insert
the grabbers onto the impeller adjust the locking mechanism of the
ViceGrips so that they grasp the impeller and then using the handles
of the ViceGrips remove it. This requires only about 2.5 inches of
clearance and works equally well on the Yanmar impeller. It does
absolutely no damage to the impellers and works on various size
impellers. I now remove the impellers every 50 hours of operation to
inspect for missing pieces or wear.

If you wanted me to fabricate one of these items for you I could do
that. It would cost about US $35.00 including purchase of the
ViceGrips and the labor etc. I have loaned these to various fellow
boaters over the last year or two and they have all found them very

Regards, Gary Silver Liahona # 335

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