Re: Low mid-range power on Volvo Penta TD22 after adjusting injectors

Graham Boyd

Hi Miles,
The great RPM issue with the TMD22! I am afraid that I can't answer your direct question but I have to say I have always wondered why I could only get 2800 rpm out of mine. I had no idea at all that you could govern the max RPM of the engine by the injector settings. This must mean that none of us with Super Maramus will ever get the full 78hp that this engine is meant to produce, and also explains why the turbo and exhaust elbo are constantly needing cleaned out as they are never getting the full blasting that they need. I am seriously considering a non turbo engine when I eventually replace.

Out of interest I have had my turbo off for cleaning twice and have just replaced the elbo. On the latest refitting things were worse and I can now only get 2200 rpm. Fortunately I have traced this to the waste gate valve which is either not sealing correctly when closed or the boost pressure capsule allowing it to open too early. I replaced the boost pressure capsule last night and am just heading out for the weekend to see if that has done the job or if I am into new turbo land. My engine has 5000 hrs on it and runs beautifully, consuming virtually no oil and starting perfectly, so I am very reluctant to replace just yet. Shame all the ancillary bits bolted on the side are giving up at the moment. I am sure it's just a phase....

SM 140 Sula
Hong Kong.

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After 14 years of no engine trouble, I recently had the injectors set to Volvo Penta specifications. (I also replaced the turbo, but it checks out). I now have very low power around 1800-2100 rpm's. On our boats these engines are governed to 2800 rpm's and the Volvo Penta settings are for the normal TMD22 3800 rpm engine. Does anyone know if the settings for the injectors opening are the same for our boats as the settings for normal 3800 rpm TMD22's? Has anyone had the opening pressure on their injectors set to the original specifications, and did this affect the engine performance?
I would be grateful for any help on this. I am hesitant to use my boat because I don't have enough power to motor into a strong breeze.
Miles (Ladybug, SM216)
Newport, RI

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