Re: Dingy davits for Super maramu


Hi,<br>I owned a Maramu (#146, 1983)for 13 years,
and now have a Super Maramu (#195, 1997). I have
fitted davits on both boats, of my own design. This
design has been seen and copied by several Amel owners
in Europe and in the US. I have used the davits for
a Zodiac MkI GT Futura, weighing 150 pounds, and
12.5 ft. long. After 14 years, the Zodiac is going to
be replaced by a RIB of the same weight, probably an
Avon 310. Part of the reason the Zodiac lasted 14
years is that it was on davits, not sitting in the
water.<br>I use the davits for everything but open water
crossings, when the Zodiac was deflated and stored in the
lazarette. For the RIB, I expect to stow it deflated on the
back deck.<br>The dinghy is never on the davits with
the outboard on -- the 15HP Mariner weighs 75 pounds,
and I consider that unsafe.<br>The davits are mounted
on "sockets" bolted through the toerail at the
stern. The davits are removable (in less than 2
minutes), and stow in the lazarette. We use a topping lift
from the mizzen head to the outboard ends of the
davits to take the load off the davits. When mooring
stern-to (we've been in the Med the last 5 years), we drop
the dinghy, then back in. The davits and their
cross-bar actually make it easier to get on and off the
boat.<br>If anyone is interested, send me an e-mail at and I will send you drawings and
photos.<br><br>Regards, Roy Benveniste<br>SM "Excalibur"

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