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Hi Phil,

I have run into the same problem! Very frustrating indeed!!! Could you please be more specific as to which sikaflex product you used. There are a great number of them so the exact brand number you used successfully would be a great help.


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We have redone our headlining four years ago on my santorin 94.Took off the old vinyl cleaned it properly with brush and vacume cleaner.Started with a 3m spray kind of glue they use for carpets and stuff.Was very expensive and fell off after one month in the heat of the med ans canaries.Redone the whole thing with a cheap polyurethane sikaflex . One applieing with the gun the other spreading the stuff pieces of half a meter no more .Then reglueing the vinyl and hold/support for couple off minutes and done! You get more handy in it ass you go along.Now after three years in the tropics (cabo verde,carib) everything is still ok .Cheap and good solution.Iff you want more info .Send me a message.

Kind regards


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We are in process of replacing the headliner in our 35 year old Euros. After consultation with our foam backed vinyl supplier Hawke House we also found the 3M 80 neoprene based spray glue the closest match to the glue they have successfully used in England. We ended up using the 3M 80 spray on foam backed vinyl and 3M 1300L brushed on fiberglass. Up to now we have finished the fore cabin and result looks satisfactory. One catch is that both these glues are pretty fast drying so you have to work fast especially with larger surfaces and in higher temperatures. Truth will come out in few years.

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There were some posts recently about spray adhesive for fixing vinyl headlining. Hopefully the following links are useful for those with headlining problems and trying to find the right glue.

Although some different ones may work, choosing the best one is not easy (some shops seem to just recommend what they have in stock as the perfect one).

I have previously used 3M General Trim Adhesive 08088 (was recommended) but it needs redoing in a few areas after a very hot summer. This adhesive is not listed on the brochure link below, I think due to using different marketing for auto and industrial markets. That adhesive seems to have worked fine on Naugasoft but not as well on a different brand of vinyl (maybe different types of plasticisers?) Another 3M auto adhesive is Super Trim Adhesive 08090 which is promoted as having resistance to plasticisers. This one sounds the same as 3M 90 High Strength.

According to the 3M links below Rubber and Vinyl 80 looks best. It has better heat resistance when the deck gets hot compared to High Strength Adhesive.

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Link for brochure showing different 3M spray adhesives

Link for 3M spray adhesive 80

Link for 3M Super Trim Adhesive brochure

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