Main shet boom block-inspect it

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In the course of thoroughly inspecting Kimberlite , I noticed that the
bracket on the boom that the main sheet block hangs from was cracked inside
the boom.

The brackets attached to the underside of the boom are in a track in the

The screws that hold them in are threaded through the bracket and just sit
in non threaded holes in the boom. The shear of the bolts holds them in

Unfortunately the screws were bent in the boom and the bracket itself was
split inside the boom.

The holes in the boom were elongated from the stress.

I finally had to resort to using a 10 mm drill bit to drill out the screws.
I used that big bit as it is the size of the initial hole in the bracket.

After successfully removing the screws, the split bracket inside the boom
prevented the bracket from moving more than 25 mm. Unfortunately the
aluminum in the track is thin and I was finally able to use caveman tactics
to remove the bracket. Unfortunately the upper portion of the track was
torn about 5 inches.

The new bracket from Amel uses allen head screws versus flat head screws.

I plan on installing the new bracket forward of the damaged area and then
sliding into the track a 7 inch long aluminum plate which I will bolt to
the upper side of the track and to the damaged area to reinforce the boom.

I would suggest that you carefully examine these brackets.

I would love to know if anyone else has seen or experienced this problem.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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