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Graham Boyd

Thanks for all the replies. Great pictures of cleaning the turbo Alexandre. I too have done all this but mine was much worse at the start. It was all gummed up and the waste gate valve was jammed closed. The exhaust elbo was in a terrible mess so I replaced that. Max RPM before "fixing" was amazingly enough 2800. After fixing/clean of turbo max RPM now only 2300!! I took a spanner to the top of the waste gate valve as per your picture whilst the engine was running and forced it in the closed direction, and hey presto 2800rpm once again, so I tightened the arm from the waste gate actuator so that the arm has to be pulled out by half a hole diameter to fix it over the post on the waste gate lever, in the hope this would hold the waste gate closed, but no effect. Maybe I should tighten this further still? I have already replaced the waste gate actuator, and suspect that the problem is a damaged seal between the waste gate valve and the turbo body. Does any one know if this is repairable or am I into new turbo land?

SM140 Sula
Hong Kong

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For now 2200 rpm.

But Sunday, I cleaned the turbo (as well as exhaust elbow, intercooler, etc.), and this morning had a diver cleaning the prop.

So hopefully Saturday, I really hope to get more RPM (would be happy with 2800)

Only things I wasn't sure to test or adjust is the rod to the "Waste Gate Valve". It moved freely using a spanner.

Picture of the turbo cleaning on:

Sincerely, Alexandre
Seabrook, Texas, USA

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2900 with everything clean.



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> Straight forward question:


> If you have or have had a Volvo TMD22 in your Super
Maramu, what is the max RPM you ever achieved with the max
prop fitted? The more responses the better!


> Graham

> SM 140 Sula

> Hong Kong



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