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Hello Gary,
What a brilliant solution to the impeller extraction problem, I am now
having the tool made up. The next problem is refitting the new impeller. My
solution is to coat it with silicon spray and then compress it with a nylon
cable tier so that bit fits easily onto the shaft making sure that it goes
on the right way round.
May I also remind one and all of the need to relpace the Onan heat
exchanger anode regularly, because , as I mentioned in a message long ago,
I did not and the outboard end plate, which is made of bronze, had been
dezincified and cracked from one side to the other. This could have become
a major problem but the rubber gasket had stopped the water from escaping.
The easiest way to replace the anode and clean out the remains of the old
one is to take the whole unit off complete with its fixing.
The drinks shelf suggested by others is interesting but I much prefer my
solution illstrated in Photoalbum SM319 as changing the big uncomfortable
seat with a chair on a gas filld strut pedestal and reusing the original
table on another fitting makes much better use of the cockpit when not
sailing to windward and especially at rest in harbour.

Regards, John

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