SM in Antarctica

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For anyone interested in cruising Antarctica check out the website of SM Pure Magic. Irish flag, owned by Peter Skillen, launched last summer and now back in the Beagle channel after visiting Antarctica and about to set off for S Georgia and Cape Town. Web site www.
On a different note, well done Ian for sorting out the position on the watermaker sensor.
And in connection with seals for the electric head do check that your spare parts kit actually contains a seal.Mine didnt, despite the fact that Jabsco boast that it is the only part you will have to watch out for. What Jabsco were doing producing a spare parts kit which ( by design) omitted the one spare part you need is beyond me. I can only assume that they owned shares in DHL.
Lastly, I too suffered from dezincification on my Onan heatexchanger.I brought this to the attention of Onan in the UK ( the branch that actually serves Amel) and they couldnt understand it. Wouldnt actually accept what is was. At that stage all that was happening was that the paint was crumbling off , not on the end plates as with John , but around the entry pipe. Onan told me that the anode was not needed and indeed when extracted it was in good condition. When I was next in La Rochelle, two years after launch, Amel knew exactly what I was concerned about and told me that the effect of the pipes was to insulate the heatexchanger from the rest of the engine and they put a metal strap onto the heat exchanger and connected it separately to the tray. One year later I had to fit a new exchanger, though to be fair to Amel the damage had probably already been done.Despite strapping the new exchanger, I see that there 18 months later there are fresh signs of crumbling paint...
Finally, taking off the water pump to change the impeller on the Onan is straightforward if you have a small ratchet set to access the the outboard bolt.( for which I am indebted to Kimberlite)
Fair winds, Ian and Judy, SM 302, Pen Azen, Chile

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