Re: [Amel] B & G Hydra 2000 - Wind Speed stopped working?

Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Thanks Mike & Peta, Dennis, Bill

Most helpful. We will follow all these potential solutions when next on the

Kind regards
Colin & Lauren Streeter
Island Pearl II, SM2K #332
Brisbane, Australia

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The bushing bearing is also the sender unit. see this:

I replaced both bushing/bearings...1 for direction and 1 for speed.

I would recommend Tinley Electronics for the sarah"at" Please tell her hi from Bill "BeBe."


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Hi Colin,

There is some useful information in the files section from Bill. Also
check out the B & G website:

Your masthead unit is probably the 213 and I have you a file for
checking this from the junction box located behind the panel abeam the
forward heads where the main mast wiring is located.

Best wishes

Mike & Peta

SM2K #461

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Subject: [Amel] B & G Hydra 2000 - Wind Speed stopped working?

We have Hydra 2000 system and our B&G Wind Speed has suddenly stopped
working this week. Wind direction etc is reading fine but no speed suddenly
on last outing. Our neighbour in the marina had reported that birds have
recently taken a liking to perching on top of our mast instruments so this
is possibly what caused the problem, however wind direction instrument is
still fine and I can see the wind speed spinning correctly on the mast top.
Any ideas before we go down the replacement route?
Colin & Lauren Streeter
Island Pearl II - SM2K #332
Brisbane, Australia

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