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I believe it is shown in color on the cover of the bowman link except the
one on the cover is the 150 mm model
Fair Winds
Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite

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Gearbox Seawater Cooler

Hi Gary & Eric
We are not at the boat right now so will double check soon and confirm,
however I am pretty certain that this is exactly the same cooler as you
have described here. I did get a picture of the old one before discarding
it so will put some pictures on the site in the next few days as this will
make it easier for others to identify the unit in future too.
Fair Winds
Colin & Lauren Streeter
Island Pearl II, SM2K #332

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I am pretty sure it is te same cooler as we have the same tranny,

Measure the hose from the sea chest. It should be 30 mm.

Here is a data page from bowman. You can compare measurements to your

Mine was a dc60 xcc

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite



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Subject: [Amel] Re: Prop Shaft Seals & Wearing bearing replacement & ZF
Gearbox Seawater Cooler

Colin & Lauren:

Thank you so much for your post. I believe you have done a great service
this group in providing a description of your experience and the repairs
rendered. Your suggestion to more carefully monitor the transmission fluid
is very valuable.

As a final verification could you please confirm that your transmission
cooler was this one as described by Eric of Kimberlite:

" The DC60 with the 3367 end caps. With 3/8 bspp threads "

I am most interested in verifying the 3/8 bspp (British Straight Parallel
Pipe Thread). Since your boat is 3 serial numbers from mine I am assuming
that our two boats are similarly equipped. I plan on replacing my cooler
preventative maintenance.


Gary Silver
s/v Liahona Amel SM #335
on the hard at Jolly Harbor, Antigua

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Thanks again to all on this site for your assistance.

To close this topic off (HELP - AMEL DRIVE) Island Pearl II is back on
water and after a solid 3 days of testing after her annual haul out, we
very pleased with the results.

2)The gearbox problem which struck on the same outing, ie. would not
engage gear once the gearbox had warmed up, simply revs away with no
propulsion fwd or rev.(very scary in a tight situation!).. was exactly as
Trevor had described. The problem turned out to be a failure in the
seawater oil cooler unit where the internal copper pipes had corroded
through and seawater was getting into the gearbox oil causing it to become
milky in colour and soft/fuzzy so could not exert enough pressure to push
the gears into fwd or rev...After talking to ZF Hurth in Australia they
us onto their local supplier in Australia for replacement gearbox oil
coolers who came out and tested the old unit then built a new replacement
which we found pretty straightforward & simply to re-install ourselves
followed by 5 sets of flushing through with new ATF gear oil to ensure
absolutely all residual moisture was extracted. ZF and local mechanics
told us that such oil coolers are prone to this failure over time (our
original Yanmar 75 has only 1480hrs now)and this is a pretty common
Luckily again (since I had not been motoring the boat for so long and
check my oils befor each outing) we caught this problem immediately after
the failure so there was no gearbox damage but it is perhaps a warning for
others to do regular checks of the colour of the oil in the gearbox to
ensure no seawater contamination.

In summary it is nothing but a pleasure working on problems on the Amel
Super Maramu since this site is so helpful and Amel really do have such
practical and well thought out systems which are dead easy to maintain &
repair locally. Interestingly Amel themselves (Maud) have also been most
helpful and responsive too in air freighting parts out promptly.

Fair Winds
Colin & Lauren Streeter
Island Pearl II, SM2K # 332
Brisbane, Australia

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