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Giovanni TESTA

Hi to all,
I had to replace, in 10 years, twice the caps for this problem. At the end Dessalator sent me a new connection, some mm shorter . Now the water pressure doesn't find any obstacle to the flow and so no corrosion on the cap.
I hope it may help
Buon Vento
Gianni Testa

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From: Ian Shepherd
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Subject: [Amel] Water Maker End Caps

For the third time now, one of the membrane end caps has sprung a leak
on my 160 l/h water maker. I only noticed this when hunting for some
grease to give to another boat as the far end of the membranes is close
to the portside hull. Some some storage boxes kept in that area were
full of salt water. As before, the leak has occurred where the steel
cross tube enters the end caps. This push fit arrangement seems at best
amateurish and Dessalator are well aware of the problem for when I
ordered new caps from them the last time, they said that the new black
material would not fail. Sadly not.

I think it's time to get something more robust made to cure this
problem. End caps with proper screw fittings and a connecting hose or
pipe come to mind. Has anyone done this or maybe found ready made caps
that will do the job please?

Ian Shepherd SM 414 (2003) Crusader - Northern Sporades

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