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I added a photo to this album:
Helm, Cockpit & Lazarette
Anything located in these areas

You can direct link to it here:

We added this "eye" to be able to have a secure & easy place to tether-to while at the helm. It also serves as a good place to tie the helm. Note the whipping around the leather...this protects the leather from chafing. A small piece of bungee cord with hooks works well to stabilize the wheel, and can be quickly unhooked.

Hope this helps.

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Hi all,
could anybody give me advice how to prevent the rudder/steeringwheel from turning when we are on anchor and in a swell? On my old boat there was a brake at the steering column to fix the wheel.
many thanks
Johanna-Amalthea SM 2000 #436 Hierro/CanaryIslands

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