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It is not only the sea chest that can get clogged. Check these photos out:

And it is not always clogging that causes problems...Regarding the fan speed, as the fan speed control capacitors age, the fan will turn slower and blow less will probably not notice this because it happens over time. See this:

If you are intermittently using your A/C or Heat and are on your boat full-time, my guess is that the 3 fan speed control capacitors should be changed every 4 years. The heat will stop heating, but the fan will continue to blow when the fan speed is too slow (safety switch). When running A/C at too slow of fan speed, the evaporator will frost, then freeze up, possibly eventually causing a breaker to open.

I hope this helps you.

BeBe, SM2k, #387

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Had the same problem with forward cabin.

Just as Richard said, I need to run at high speed.
Actually for me was a combination of high speed or not as cold.

In Texas water (very hot) I have to clean the strainer every week, every 5 days would probably be better.

Sincerely, Alexandre
Seabrook, Texas, USA

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Keep the fan running at high speed and check to the
strainer to be sure it is clean.


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Have any others had a problem with the air conditioner units
icing up

It is fine in the small cabin, but the Saloon and main
cabin, keep icing up on a regular basis.

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