Re: Yahoo Groups may become a thing of the past

Mark Erdos

Personally, I get so much from this group. Being a newbie, I am still in the
stage of receiving more than I can contribute. Thank you to all those that

If someone were to host this as a membership web-site - I would be willing
to pay a small annual membership to help cover the cost. I would envision a
format similar to Cruiser's Forum where topics could be categorized, and
pictures added within posting. A CF member can subscribe to a thread of
interest, or not. That would be a nice feature.

One of the areas I really like and utilize on the yahoo format is the
"files" section. Google groups or no others that I'm aware of don't offer
this feature. On a privately hosted site we would have a lot more storage
and could organize the archives.

There are almost a 1,000 members on the yahoo group. Even if only 10% are
active and moved to a private site, the annual cost split amongst the
members would be pretty small.

There - that's my 2 cents

Best regards,


SM2K #275

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