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I like Mark's idea about having different threads about different subjects. One could go to one page and read all posts about that subject.
We'd have to be much more careful about changing the subject in a single post. Having files and photos linked to the corresponding thread would be great.
I'd be willing to pay a yearly fee and even to pay a share of what it would cost to have someone set it up.
Unfortunately I am not programming-savvy and will be of little or no help with the technical aspects of building a site. I'd be happy to take a subject or two and try to search the archives to find posts that cover similar subjects of that would help.
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On Aug 16, 2013, at 9:42 AM, "Mark Erdos" <mcerdos@...> wrote:

Personally, I get so much from this group. Being a newbie, I am still in the
stage of receiving more than I can contribute. Thank you to all those that

If someone were to host this as a membership web-site - I would be willing
to pay a small annual membership to help cover the cost. I would envision a
format similar to Cruiser's Forum where topics could be categorized, and
pictures added within posting. A CF member can subscribe to a thread of
interest, or not. That would be a nice feature.

One of the areas I really like and utilize on the yahoo format is the
"files" section. Google groups or no others that I'm aware of don't offer
this feature. On a privately hosted site we would have a lot more storage
and could organize the archives.

There are almost a 1,000 members on the yahoo group. Even if only 10% are
active and moved to a private site, the annual cost split amongst the
members would be pretty small.

There - that's my 2 cents

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