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If you have an autoprop, you can use the grease gun adapter and use 5 mm
nylon bolts, no more corrosion.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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Hi all,
I just downloaded photos of the repair in the photo album "Pilgrim SM26 -
Headsail furler".
On the right of photo DSC03863 you can see the 23 years old gear and the new
one on the left
Danny, yes, you might observe that I had installed grease nipples according
to your indications ...
Hope it may help.
Fair winds

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I would be interested in seeing your work. My furler is still working but
I recently had the motor rebuilt and checked the gears at the same time, I
think it is only a matter of time before they fail due to wear, my Sm6 is
almost 25 years old.
I also was quoted ridiculous price for the motor, the rebuild in New York
cost $600.
s/v Minaxi sm6

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Hello Yoav and all,
Early this year my genoa furler broke. Pilgrim is SM #26 built in 1990.
small pin on the traveller command became loose and went into the gears,
breaking teeth of the electric driven wheel.
Amel has no spare parts but proposed me an identical model for 7200^,
claiming that an equivalent from Antal is worth 12000^. I got the new
from a machining shop in Athena, being in Greece at that time. Total
cost of
repair 700^ including local mechanichs manhours.
I have photos of this work and drawings from Amel.
First we need to identify your model. I can send you the drawings I got
Amel (Colette Limouzy; Aftersale in La Rochelle)
If others are interested by the photos and drawings I can put them in
photos section but I need some guidance to have it done.


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