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In a previous post today I suggested using the autoprop grease nipple
adapter and 5 mm nylon bolts.

No corrosion !!! also , once you have the gearbox disassembled you can see
where to mount the bolts. I mounted one low in the port side and the other
one high on the starboard.

Do not overfill otherwise you will blow the lips seals out of the gearbox.

Every 6 months I also remove the outhaul shaft and coat it with antiseize

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When I started to unfurl the main this morning, the out-haul moved about
a foot rearwards then stopped with an odd sounding noise. I stripped the
gearbox down and found that the large gear driven by the helical gear on
the motor axis had all but worn away. Play around the motor driven end
of the drive shaft may have been a contributing cause.

What surprised me was the lack of lubrication inside the gearbox. There
seemed to be hardly any grease at all. Having read on this forum ideas
about fitting grease nipples to the genoa gearbox, I would suggest that
it would also be a good idea to do so to the out-haul and main furling
gearboxes as well. There seems to be ample space to do so.

For expediency as I am in the middle of a cruise I shall order a new
gearbox from Amel and rebuild the failed one as a spare over the winter.
I would guess that the large bronze gear is a custom Amel part, or does
anyone know if it can be obtained elsewhere?

Ian Shepherd SM 414 (2003) Crusader - Gulf of Volos Greece


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