Watermaker salinity sensor - clarification

rbenven44 <no_reply@...>

Alas, it seems my memory is weakening. I finally spoke this weekend
to the SM owner who first told me about the sensor issue. This is
the corrected version of what he told me several years ago:
This owner, "A", heard from another SM owner "B" that his salinity
sensor wasn't working. This was based on the constant two-minute
start-up delay and two tests: shorting the contacts didn't affect
the unit, and dipping them in a glass of salt water didn't either.
Owner "A" conducted the same tests and obtained the same results. At
the time, both owners speculated that the salinity sensor wasn't
connected, and assumed that it had been done on purpose. This is
when I learned about the issue.
Owner "B" then contacted Dessalator and was told that his unit
wasn't working properly, and that the solution was replacement of the
circuit board at a cost of several hundred dollars. (it was out of
warranty, of course). The alternative was to purchase a simple
salinity tester for about $50. This is what owner "A" eventually did.
I apologize for any misrepresentation of facts or events. In the
future, I will make sure of my facts before reporting hearsay.
Thanks, Ian, for researching the facts for all of us.
Regards, Roy

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