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Hi Paul,

sorry to hear about all your problems. when you say that Amel said your high
pressure pump was leaking, I assume that they meant that compressed water
was leaking back past the pistons? I don't quite see how this would increase
the load on the genset. I would have thought that if the pump could not
create enough pressure, then the pistons would not be causing so much back
force against the motor?

Anyway, what Roy has suggested makes good sense. I did research last week at
the London Boat Show the possibility of fitting an AC ammeter in the galley
to monitor the genset load.

The easiest way to do this would be to get the type that uses a current
transformer which could be mounted at the genset, and simply run a pair of
light gauge wires to the instrument in the galley. Cost is about 50 Pounds

It is unfortunate that Amel do not mention the load that the 160 l/h water
maker creates in the list of loads in the user manual. Roy, can you please
tell us what current it draws from your meter? Onan told me that the 6.5 KW
(renamed 7KW after they were told they had used conservative measurement
methods), should trip at 30 Amps AC load.

I am also considering fitting a DC ammeter to the Sailor 24/12V converters
that run our 12V equipment. It's very easy to exceed the 6 amp rating on
these units as we add more and more goodies that mostly come as 12V input
only. I think I will run my second laptop from the one that feeds only the
VHF, as far as I can see.

One of todays projects is to get the Hydra to read the correct wind
direction! More later .... perhaps.

Incidentally, Hanna TDS1 salinity meters can be obtained new for just $22
from Ebay. I also noticed there that there is another manufacturer that
makes a panel mounted digital display tester for just $74. This is mounted
permanently in line with the water maker output and will display the TDS
reading at the push of a button. I have not yet checked, but I reckon it
could be mounted on the sink bulkhead, perhaps to the left of the sink.


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