Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Sailor 12 volt supply

Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

Hi John,

I agree with you, but the Sailors do have one advantage. I keep my printer
paper and envelopes in the same cupboard and the warmth does keep the paper
dry! I also have an Icom 30 Amp 24/12 convertor, but it's over the top
except when using the SSB and the fan is darned noisy.

Maybe something additional to the Sailors giving an output of around 10-15
amps would be useful. If I get around to fixing an entertainment centre in
the aft cabin, I may do that.

I hope that you are glad that the Hydra riddle that you have anguished over
for a while can be solved without buying the expensive B & G compass unit. I
have assumed that all Raytheon autopilot processors have a NMEA output, and
not just the 400G model. Maybe you could have a look at yours and let us

Cheers to Anne also.


-------Original Message-------

From: John and Anne on Bali Hai
Date: 01/24/05 16:30:15
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Sailor 12 volt supply

Hello Ian,
I was surprised to see that Amel are still using this outdated
technology. As I understand it these things are basically a lot of
resistors which is why they have low ouitput and need to be in a
ventilated locker to get rid of the heat, much like an electric fire!
I fitted a 25 amp switchmode 24/12volt converter behind the forward
instrument panel and I suppose one day I will put the Sailor voltage
droppers in a boat jumble.

Regards John

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