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Hi Mike:

I actually tried to drill into the races but couldn't penetrate the hardened steel at all. My original plan was to tap some screws into the race and use a slide hammer to pull the races out of their recess. How were you able to drill those races?

As I try to visualize your process, didn't this then leave a hole through the base of the race recess open to sea water on the outside of the prop hub? Perhaps I am not picturing this correctly. Help me to better understand.

Gary Amel SM # 335 s/v Liahona

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The approach that worked well for me to remove the race was to drill and tap
3/16" threads through the race and hub, insert short 3/16" bolts from either
end until they touched at the interface, then tightened the inner bolt to
push out the race. Next time no need to drill, just insert the inner bolt to
push out the race.

Mike SM#242 Aletes

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