Solar panels for Amel Super Maramu 53

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I just posted photos of the Emek Marine solar arch installation which is about 90% complete. 3 X 140 Kyocera panels.;amp;mode=tn&amp;amp;order=ordinal&amp;amp;start=1&amp;amp;count=20&amp;amp;dir=asc

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No drawings, just a photograph. The unique design was made by Emek Marine in Turkey. Possibly Emek will sell you enough information to duplicate it, but since the design is unique, I doubt that they will.

Contact: cagdas"at"


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Hi and tks for the suggestion. Do you already have drawings for a SM installation. I'm looking also to have the airgen at the same location. Any suggestion closer to me today (italy)?

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The best looking design that I have seen is made in Gocek, Turkey. It is a multi-functional solar arch. See the photo at:

If you are in the Med, I suggest you get one in Turkey.

Also, Peter Forbes s/v Carango just had one of these installed and we are getting a version of it for BeBe (SM).

Hope this helps.

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Hi everyone.

Has anybody fitted solar panels to their Amel 54 ? I would welcome any thoughts/recommendations. I had two 50W panels on my last boat - an OVNI 435 - and I thought they were the best bit of kit on the boat. The batteries were kept topped up throughout the winter and with 4/5 amps being delivered for most of the day in summer they provided a useful supplement to the other means of charging i.e. the engine.

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Hi Richard,

Mine is 009. And has a 12 battery/12V bank.

Do you have any suggestions regarding inverters, or smart control panels? I am learning from my cabin experience that there are many types.


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Battery size for the later boats is size 31.

Richard Piller

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I would like any input on a new battery plan for the A54 I have just started a solar program for a cabin and I have been advised that 6 volt 200 ah Trojans are the way to go for this off grid mountain cabin. The vendor is telling me these are low maintenance and will withstand even -30F temps. It would seem that this might be a good choice for the boat as well? I do not recall the size of the 12V batteries. I searched for a file or link to other posts that would also cover all aspects of the boats electrical system. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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